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Fast and forever – how to learn faster and remember longer (an unauthorised guide)

Admit it. You want to be able to learn faster and remember forever – once and for good. So that you can absorb all you need to know about building software, writing better public speeches, become an expert in a...
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Top 4 distractions for modern students (and how to deal with them)

The way we learn is changing, and even if the pace is not in keeping with other changes in our environment. Modern education presents modern students with a new set of challenges. There is a growing trend for adults over...
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How to take notes from a book

In my quest to ‘change buckets’ (aka retrain/change professions/change industries), I am working on developing more effective and time-efficient systems of note-taking to learn and retain what I’ve learnt from books, self-help guides, articles etc. Why note taking? Note-taking is...
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