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With contributions from: Hal Elrod, Stephen Guise, Martin Meadows, and Steve S.J. Scott...

If you’re struggling with temptations or short on self-control, the traditional approach to habit building using willpower will not help you much. You will continue lapsing and struggling, and feeling like a failure. It’s time for a new approach, one that will provide lasting results.

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7 Reasons To Read 'Hack Your Habits'

  1. Design your positive habits the right way, so you start reaping the rewards from day one.
  2. Keep going even if your motivation and energy fails so you don’t lose any forward progress.
  3. Minimize the impact of temptations so you never fail again.
  4. Implement small changes in your environment to make your new behaviors automatic and much faster.
  5. Create a powerful, lasting habit change that fits in with your personality and lifestyle and can adapt as you progress through life.
  6. Build a system that will help you effortlessly and quickly get to your habit goals so you can transform your life and achieve success faster.
  7. Benefit from utilizing the free 9-step guide that will allow you to walk yourself through this proven system that will lead you to finally breaking bad habits and have you on the road to thriving.

About The Author

Joanna Jast is the bestselling author of “Laser Sharp Focus” and her latest book: “Hack Your Habits: 9 Steps to Finally Break Bad Habits & Start Thriving.” She has dreams of one day inventing a direct brain-computer interface so she can just upload/download knowledge and update her behaviour software in seconds. While the appropriate technology is or is not being invented, she works on improving the existing ways of absorbing knowledge and adapting to change. 

“I have been on a journey to change careers (from healthcare to education) for a couple of years, trying to expedite the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills, building credibility and track record – with various results, but always learning from my experience.”
Her love for productivity, effectiveness and top-notch mental powers combined with her low threshold for boredom resulted in a passion for finding shortcuts and well-proven habit changing strategies that work. 
Hack Your Habits is a result of Joanna's life-long experience in overcoming her natural laziness, sweet tooth and poor willpower to establish good habits and succeed in life. 

The strategies described in this book helped Joanna complete her medical training with good grades, achieve native-level fluency in two foreign languages, write three non-fiction books, speed up her professional career, improve her level of physical fitness, lose weight, improve relationships with people and even master her emotional responses.

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